Never lose sight of your goal. NEVER EVER. Never let go of your dreams.

If your goal seems impossible to achieve, it means you are not willing to try hard enough. IF you have a goal THEN you need to make a PLAN to achieve that goal. Things may not always work out according to that plan, that’s OK. We can always tweak the plan because the plan is not important. Our goal, our VISION of where we want to reach in life IS important.  

Whatever path we take, whether it is long or short, whether it is straightforward or twisted, CAN always lead to your goal. Perhaps the long and twisted path will let you pick up along the way something that will make it easier for you to face the HARDER problems you are going to face when you are CLOSER to your goal. The reasons why you needed to take that twisted path will all be clear then. For now don’t question, just take whatever you get along the way, and keep thinking how you can use what you HAVE to reach where you want to BE.

What you really need is the FAITH in yourself, the faith that YOU will never give up. Because if YOU don’t give up, if you KEEP TRYING again and again and again AND again, you will surely succeed. LUCK can run out ONCE, luck can run out TWICE. But luck DOES NOT run out every time. Only the person who is truly passionate for his dreams to come true WILL have the patience to wait for the one time that luck WILL work in his favour. He is ready to take any test, even if it means waiting in agonizing uncertainty. Because he BELIEVES that the present situation may be uncertain but his GOAL is still important to him and he KNOWS he is going to get there some day ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.          

Nothing can come between you and your dreams. Nothing really. People who tell you that you cannot achieve your dreams are SHORT SIGHTED. But you must keep your vision far ALWAYS. Remember if your dream, you goal means something to you, then your every action, every step, every decision should be taken with an eye on your goal. ALWAYS. What you are doing today may not seem in any way related to what you wish to do in future. But if you stop in your tracks for this reason, you will never reach the destination. Keep walking; keep doing your best in whatever you do. Sometime in your life you will see how it all fits in the bigger picture. Each and every thing you did in life, each and every event, each and every person left something behind for you to use to achieve your goal. It is up to you whether you get stuck or you take what you were given and try to find ways of using it to move closer to your goal.

If your dream really means so much to you, then be willing to face every set back you face on your way. Haven’t we all heard the saying “When life throws lemons at you make lemonade”. Those are only WORDS if you like it that way or they can be the story of YOUR LIFE if you wish to make it that. It is all in YOUR hands.

Good Mood Days :)

I am in a very good mood since the last two days. I am being able to acknowledge that there is something beautiful, something wonderful about every living person. Yes, I mean EVERY living person.

I know this sounds strange coming from a paranoid person like me. But I am starting to think that every person has a role to play in the world and in your story. The evil abuser, narcissist, sociopath, controlling mother, abusive husband, all of them were there in your life to change you in a certain way, to take you ahead in your story.

I feel today the need to nurture the best I can see in every person I speak to. I have a feeling that it will lead to something good. Not for the person, but for me. The feeling that I don’t have to live in suspicion but can love everyone and give everyone reason to smile is very liberating.  

So does this mean I want to take the risk again? I think it is more on the lines of what one friend with narcissistic personality disorder under treatment had told me. Don’t change yourself, but define your boundaries. So you will know when someone tries too hard to get past your boundary. All you would really have to do is ensure that no one gets past it. Don’t avoid, just know where to draw the line. Protect yourself but don’t avoid living because you fear getting hurt. Don’t tolerate when things turn bad, but don’t avoid the situation altogether. Just learn to raise your voice once in a while and fight for yourself.

I think these happy thoughts are a result of my good mood today 🙂 I don’t really know how long this will last, but I hope it lasts longer and brings real change in me 🙂

The bottom line is ………….. SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST ……… The ruthless truth. Crib and complain all you want, but if you don’t like something, you have to change it. There is no other way. If you don’t change it then you are just weak and nature will eliminate you. So better just decide to fight because surviving is YOUR RIGHT!

My Blogging Tip #2 – Limit the Number of Posts per Day

Why? Why? Because when I get many email updates for the same blog in one day, I read only the latest one. It is not to say that I don’t want to read the other posts, but after one post, I decide that I will read the remaining later. And later never comes.

And I’ve been doing this since almost a month. I feel guilty that I did not read all those posts, but then I have only this much time in one day 😦 and there are so many good bloggers out there!

I experienced this with my blog too. On Thursday morning I published one post. I was happy about it. I was looking forward to seeing what people would think about it. But by evening, something happened that made me all emotional and unstable. I really needed to vent out and I did. I wrote a poem without thinking much. Just wrote whatever I felt like writing. It almost felt like my hands were typing independently without inputs from my brain 😛

At the end of it I had a poem. And I badly wanted people to read that one, because this blog is the only place where I can talk openly about those feelings. So tada, by late evening, there was another post! A lot of people read and “liked” it. I got some new followers. It made me feel really good. Some of the people who liked that post are blogging on topics that I really relate to. So I am really glad I posted that poem.

But the post before that. Poor thing. No one cares about it now. Hehe. So well that’s the thing. To do every post on your blog justice, you have to give readers time to read. Publishing one or at most two posts per day is what I would recommend if you want to do justice to each of your posts.

Again this is not criticizing anybody. This is just my objective observation and inference based on that. People are free to tell me if they disagree or have experienced otherwise.

Hope this helps. Have a good day 🙂

How to negotiate for lower prices at work (For awkward people like me)

If you are anything like me, you probably get really uncomfortable asking for favors or a concession in costs from anyone and avoid it was much as you can.

Unfortunately for me, yesterday my boss insisted that I negotiate the rates with a training organization for training some of the employees in my company. I was in a soup. I could see how the conversation would end with them refusing point blank, and my boss considering me a failure. (Catastrophizing?)

It left me feeling angry with him, because it was so much easier for him to do it. He can always get his way with people. Then why trouble me? Anyway, I am glad now that he left it to me 😀 Once in a while I think I need to get pushed into the waters. Only then I bother learning how to swim 😛

So here I have detailed what I learnt about how to negotiate prices, may be it will help some of you too. May be you will think it is all wrong, I would appreciate if you correct me then!

How I prepared:
1. I googled, “How to negotiate for a lower price.” You know me 😀 ….. But there are quite a few good articles out there. What I learnt from those?
i. Don’t underestimate your power as the buyer. You have the right to demand a lower price.
ii. They are used to people negotiating with them, so don’t be embarrassed. Be shameless and ask for shamelessly low prices
iii. On the same lines, always quote lower than the price you want, because they are going to try and reach a midway price.
iv. Show that you are interested in buying but also give a reason for hesitation, which makes them want to take that extra effort to keep you in the deal.
v. One interesting tip that I did not get to use – If both fall silent during the negotiation, let him fill the silence, because he will end up blurting out a reason why he won’t reduce the rates or he may end up giving in to fill the uncomfortable silence (sly this one, I know! Poor fellow)

2. Next, I made a list of reasons why we should get a lower price.
i. We would be sending more number of employees for training
ii. We are sending our applications early, so we should get the early bird benefit (so said my boss)
iii. We have already sent employees for training in the past and since this is useful for us, we would be regular clients

3. The above point helps us to convince ourselves that we deserve the price discount. That brings me to the next step, which is keep yourself in the right state of mind. Yes. The state of mind that you really need the discount and you deserve it and it would be unfair of him to suggest that there won’t be a discount. It comes through when you talk.

4. Go ahead and call!

So below I tried to recollect my conversation and note it down. Not all of the above points helped. But the process helped me to speak confidently, which I think helped me sound authoritative.

Me: Hello? Sir, is this Mr. Peter*?
Peter: Yes, Speaking
Me: Sir, this is Radhika* from AAA* Inspectors Ltd.
Peter: Yes, Radhika!
Me: Sir, if you remember, we had sent 2 inspectors to the symposium you had arranged last month
Peter: Yes yes, I remember
Me: Sir, some days ago I got another email from XYZ* about a training on painting and coating inspection. We are very much interested in that course as we have many inspectors
Peter: (interrupted) Yes, I know a large base of inspectors!
Me: Exactly sir, and we would definitely like to give them this training. But I wanted to know if it is possible to get a concession in fees? Then I will be able to arrange for more number of inspectors to attend the training.
Peter: A concession in fees can be made. How many inspectors will be attending?
Me: about 8 may be.
Peter: Oh wow, 8 is a lot. May be we can give a concession of upto 10%.
Me: 10%? Ok ok that’s great! (writes down on a piece of paper). Sir, I also wanted to know, if we are able to increase the number of inspectors still further will there be any more concession?
Peter: uhhh, Radhika see, world wide recognized course like ABC cost as much as Rs. 90,000. And we are charging only Rs. 18,000 even though our course is much better than theirs. We must start giving value to good courses conducted in India.
Me: Yes sir, I agree that this is the scenario today. In fact, even here the fact that this course is not recognized among our clients like ABC’s courses was cause for some hesitation
Peter: but Radhika, even though ABC is more recognized you will see, people trained by them don’t really know so much. Whereas our course is definitely more value adding. ABC is keeping a high rate solely on the basis of the value attached to their name. Whereas we are losing on the profit margin. We are providing course material like notes and CDs too as take away. There is very little scope for cost reduction.
Me: (after listening intently) Yes definitely sir, we have a lot of faith in your trainers, which is why we are trying to send maximum of our inspectors for this training.
Peter: (Interrupted again) Ok, let me see ….. if 10 inspectors will attend, we will decrease cost from 18,000 per head to 15,000 per head.
Me: Oh ok sir, that would be brilliant! Thank you so much sir!
Peter: you are welcome dear
Me: Sir, can you send an email or something confirming the cost?
Peter: Just go ahead and send the amount with the filled up forms. I will endorse it don’t worry!
Me: Ok sir, thank you, thanks a lot !!! 🙂

And that is how I successfully managed to reduce the rates for my company and keep my boss happy 😀 …… Do you think this was a result of my preparation? Or just beginner’s luck? Is beginner’s luck a real thing? I have had many instances for sure, but that discussion would be for a different post.

One mistake I made, that one should avoid: I should have been aware of what price I wanted to bargain to. Oh yes, that’s obvious. But my boss only asked me to negotiate the price. He didn’t tell me negotiate to what price. So if the man had asked me what was the price I would like it for, I would have been clueless. Heehee.

Is the above advice correct? I would certainly like feedback on whether all my better experienced readers agree with what I have written or they think this is plain bull shit 😀

Thanks for reading, hope you found it helpful. Good day! 🙂

* Name changed to protect identity 😉

My Blogging Tip #1 – Keep it short!

I hate reading long posts. Posts should always be short. Short enough for me to read in about five minutes.

In those five minutes I should learn something new, or develop a new perspective or just feel an emotion, be touched somehow, it could be laughter or extreme sadness or anything.

Of course, if it’s a story, then I may be even read a post that will take me ten minutes. But for all other posts I can only read about 500 words, not more. I start shutting off, I close the page or I just look at how much more there is to read and lose interest.

I know I’ve been blogging for only a month now, so I’m no one to give judgments. But this comes more from the experience of reading posts and articles. Especially now that I am following quite a few blogs by email, I click on every email notification I get for a new post. But I don’t finish the long ones. I don’t have all day. I work, I get phone calls, I have studies and in the middle of all of that I read blog posts to get refreshed or feel better in some way.

So, when I learn something, I feel better. When I am touched by a story or a thought I get a new perspective to life, so I feel enlightened. If I don’t get any of this in the first one minute, I stop reading, because there are other better posts waiting in my email.

I am not writing this because I want to criticize people. It is just my observation. A point that I thought I should note for my future posts. Just thought it would be a good idea to share it here as well. Have a good day 🙂

A Useful Link

Today at work I was feeling particularly lethargic and bored. I think it was because I didn’t get to have sandwich in the morning. Yeah, I love sandwiches 🙂 But when I called up the canteen fellow he told me there was no bread available 😦

Any way, so I was telling you that I was feeling really lethargic and couldn’t get myself to work. I kept browsing through the internet and entering in and out of chatrooms. If not that, I found myself trying to find stuff to eat in my bag, but I was certainly not doing my work!

As usual I was beginning to feel useless and helpless because I like being a hardworking and sincere employee, not an employee who comes to work and wastes company resources without getting anything productive done. So I was not only feeling lethargic but also guilty and helpless. I realised that I had sunk into a low mood. That’s when I decided to google, “How to get myself out of don’t feel like working mood”. (Now please don’t judge me, I know it sounds really lame. But I was really helpless. Believe me!)

And I chanced upon this really awesome link. Dave Navarro, whoever he is, seems like a very sensitive and intelligent person. He empathizes really well with people who feel like me and also gives an awesome solution that worked for me instantly. Also, it is not one of those links that are full of promises and end with an advertisement for some ebook on how you can help yourself. This guy has really given useful advice free of cost and has actually requested everyone to share the link with as many people as we can. So here I am sharing it with you 🙂


Hope it helps you. All the best 🙂