Live & Let Live

I want to follow my dream,

It’s there inside me; it is what defines me,

I wait for the day,

When I will get relief,

When I will get the love I deserve,

When I will get to be just me.

I crave for company, don’t we all?

I crave for company that thinks just like me,

Right now I am so lonely.

If only this world was a sweeter place,

Where all did what they were good at,

Helped others live and let them live,

No rules, no impositions,

No manipulations and sacrifices and being told what to do,

For the common good.

I want peace,

The kind of life where everything is beautiful and happy,

Where everyone lives the way they want to,

And cheers you to do the same,

Where every child comes with a special gift and liking,

Into the world,

And freely plays the game.

I wish I had people who would let me do,

What I like,

Guide me, when I was stuck,

Not people who forced me to do,

What they wanted from me,

And ditched me, when I ran out of luck.

I am sad today. Hence I wrote this. I wish this was a better poem but it has been ages since I last wrote and I think my writing has rusted quite a bit.

I am worried for my future. I can’t imagine right now how I am going to pull off my dreams. I know what I want. I don’t know how I am going to get there.

Fervent request to all : Don’t tell people what to do. Don’t control their life. Control your own life if you have to. There is so much you can do with it. Let others exercise their free will. It will help them be happier in life. They could be anyone – your children, your dog, your brother, your parents or your spouse.

They all have the right to choose. Don’t play with them emotionally. Don’t make them guilty for your own faults. Don’t manipulate them into doing what you want them to do. Let them live. Please.