Old is Gold!

Today for the last one hour I’ve been reading through my old blog posts. I realised that some of the older posts I had written (when I had just started blogging) were many times better than some of my most recent ones.

Yet, now they go unread because they were written so long ago. I am not sure if other bloggers feel the same way about their posts. But I feel really sad for my old posts, because somehow I get really attached to what I write, especially those that I had written long ago.

So now I have made a decision.

From now on, whenever I read a very good post of a particular blogger. I will look through his archives and read some of his/her oldest posts. Because if I like their present post, there is a good chance I would have liked their older posts too. That way no post goes forgotten. I am not sure about my own older posts but at least now I know how to make the other bloggers happy. May be I can start a new culture this way.

One can always hope. There is no harm in hoping! 😀


5 thoughts on “Old is Gold!

  1. I too find myself reading my older work and liking it more than my newer stuff! I shall now delve into some of your older works,hopefully I stumble on some of the posts you’re referring to here 🙂

    • And you found “The Distorted Learning Curve” 😀 one of my favorite posts ……. I am happy you read that one! I am glad you agree with me, now I am going to check out some of your older posts 😉

      • It’s a great post!
        A lot of my older work is light hearted, done to entertain people I know personally and on Facebook so I don’t believe there is much substance in them hahah

  2. That’s a very considerate thought, and you’re right although I hardly ever do that myself. I’m sure I’m missing out on a lot because of that!

    • I know, I too didn’t do it before, but I am enjoying reading through really old posts of bloggers now 🙂 And thank you so much for following my blog! 🙂 🙂

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