My Blogging Tip #2 – Limit the Number of Posts per Day

Why? Why? Because when I get many email updates for the same blog in one day, I read only the latest one. It is not to say that I don’t want to read the other posts, but after one post, I decide that I will read the remaining later. And later never comes.

And I’ve been doing this since almost a month. I feel guilty that I did not read all those posts, but then I have only this much time in one day 😦 and there are so many good bloggers out there!

I experienced this with my blog too. On Thursday morning I published one post. I was happy about it. I was looking forward to seeing what people would think about it. But by evening, something happened that made me all emotional and unstable. I really needed to vent out and I did. I wrote a poem without thinking much. Just wrote whatever I felt like writing. It almost felt like my hands were typing independently without inputs from my brain 😛

At the end of it I had a poem. And I badly wanted people to read that one, because this blog is the only place where I can talk openly about those feelings. So tada, by late evening, there was another post! A lot of people read and “liked” it. I got some new followers. It made me feel really good. Some of the people who liked that post are blogging on topics that I really relate to. So I am really glad I posted that poem.

But the post before that. Poor thing. No one cares about it now. Hehe. So well that’s the thing. To do every post on your blog justice, you have to give readers time to read. Publishing one or at most two posts per day is what I would recommend if you want to do justice to each of your posts.

Again this is not criticizing anybody. This is just my objective observation and inference based on that. People are free to tell me if they disagree or have experienced otherwise.

Hope this helps. Have a good day 🙂


8 thoughts on “My Blogging Tip #2 – Limit the Number of Posts per Day

  1. yep, agreed. in fact yesterday, i had to reset all the email notifications on the blogs i follow. several writers and poets were posting 4 and 5 posts a day. there simply isn’t enough time to read it all, and do it any justice.

    at least for me, poems and stories need some time to breath.
    sometimes i revise them even after they’ve posted. 😉

  2. I agree. I have some very productive days and some days when I don’t have time or thought to write at all. So, usually, I try to post only once a day. If I write another post in the course of the day, I most often save it. But I don’t get any email notifications–I just use the reader. There probably are posts I miss because of that, but as you say, there’s only so much time anyway. And my favorite blogs I check up on from time to time to see if I missed something.

    • That’s a very good idea, in fact I’ve begun to think using the reader is a better idea than using notifications ……. and yes I’ve started dedicating time only to browse around my favorite blogs and read through their posts in my own sweet time…and saving what we wrote to post later is also a good idea too, in fact I’ve heard there is also a facility to time our posts, so it gets published automatically on pre-decided dates ….. I am going to look into that for sure 😉

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