I’m Addicted :)

I have started to feel this compulsive need to write. I am not sure if it is turning into a habit. I think writing a blog post in wordpress is kind of gratifying. More people read your blog. People “like” it or “follow” it. It’s kind of delightful when I find an email informing me that a certain blogger has decided to follow my posts.
And then you want more. Haha ……… that’s where the addiction begins I think. Now suddenly I want more people to check out my posts. I want more responses. I read other people’s blogs, I “like” them if I think it’s good, and then I start hoping that they notice my blog too. I wait for responses.
Suddenly just one or two likes are not good enough. I want more people to notice. I want more people to read and tell me what they think of what I write. I check my blog more frequently because I want to know how many people might have read my posts.
I start reading more and more of other blogs, I try to find good ones and “like” or “follow” them all. In a way when a good blogger appreciates something I write somehow it is more valuable :P. The more I read blogs of other people the more inspired I get to write something worth reading like they have written, and then all day I think about what I could possibly write. Then I post it and this time I check several times to see if anyone has read the post yet.
All day, no likes, no comments, no new followers. Late night I get one new follower who also posts a comment and I am on top of the world. I celebrate. I am too eager to reply to her.
And then I think, “Gosh! I am desperate.” 😛
Yes I am late to join this place, but I am definitely addicted now 😀


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