A Useful Link

Today at work I was feeling particularly lethargic and bored. I think it was because I didn’t get to have sandwich in the morning. Yeah, I love sandwiches 🙂 But when I called up the canteen fellow he told me there was no bread available 😦

Any way, so I was telling you that I was feeling really lethargic and couldn’t get myself to work. I kept browsing through the internet and entering in and out of chatrooms. If not that, I found myself trying to find stuff to eat in my bag, but I was certainly not doing my work!

As usual I was beginning to feel useless and helpless because I like being a hardworking and sincere employee, not an employee who comes to work and wastes company resources without getting anything productive done. So I was not only feeling lethargic but also guilty and helpless. I realised that I had sunk into a low mood. That’s when I decided to google, “How to get myself out of don’t feel like working mood”. (Now please don’t judge me, I know it sounds really lame. But I was really helpless. Believe me!)

And I chanced upon this really awesome link. Dave Navarro, whoever he is, seems like a very sensitive and intelligent person. He empathizes really well with people who feel like me and also gives an awesome solution that worked for me instantly. Also, it is not one of those links that are full of promises and end with an advertisement for some ebook on how you can help yourself. This guy has really given useful advice free of cost and has actually requested everyone to share the link with as many people as we can. So here I am sharing it with you 🙂


Hope it helps you. All the best 🙂


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